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I attended a seminar a few months back and heard the following: "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear". I was overwhelmed in that moment with how profound that statement is from a personal and professional context. I reflected on how much fear of the unknown, failure and judgment I had allowed to stop me from being happy and successful. I was also reminded of how facing my fears led to such an increase in confidence and self esteem, ultimately yielding so many of my successes in life.

I work with so many of my clients who suffer loss of life satisfaction and confidence due to similar fears. It is amazing to watch the change occur when people are empowered and face their fear, realizing that the fear was worse than the actual situation they were trying to overcome. Typically, people just need someone to believe in them and encourage them without force and judgment.

As I say in many of my sessions, there is no fail, only a failure to try.

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